Vincent Liu – Acupuncturist and TCM

What attracted you to TCM and Acupuncture?

When I was a child, I always got sick and constantly suffered from acute rhinitis and middle ear infection. I grew up drinking Chinese herbal remedy prescribed by my grandfather. He would sweeten the dark, smelly liquid with some Chinese rock sugar. It actually did not taste too bad! I was amazed by the effectiveness of the herbs and so I wanted to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps, to become a TCM practitioner. He did not live long enough to see this but I am sure he would have been very proud of me.

 What really fires you up during a day at work?

What really fires me up as a practitioner is having an opportunity to be part of the journey of our clients and witness the progress they make. When the treatment result does not match my expectation, I am also fired up to revise my approach and look for new solution. I love my job!

 Who is your ideal client?  

Female, 20-60 years of age.

I feel that a lot of working moms who are stuck with chronic pain and emotional stress will love and benefit the most from my acupuncture treatment.

 If you were not practicing Acupuncture – what would you be doing?

I would be working very hard to become an astronaut. Seeing Earth from space would be amazing and life changing. I also want to explore the Universe and search for origins of life.

Who is your Role Model / Who inspires you?

It has to be Kobe Bryant, one of the most skilled basketball players ever and a five-time NBA champion. Kobe was known for his incredible work ethic and will to win. He rarely sat out a game because he cared about his fans who paid to see him play. Kobe was a master in basketball, but he remained humble. He continuously worked on his game throughout his career and sought advice from the greatest players of all time such as Michael Jordan and Bill Russell. He was also a great father.

 Kobe inspired me to become the best I can be. As a health professional and a father, I expect myself to stay focused, passionate, and confident throughout my professional career. Keep learning and working on my skills and be an inspiring and caring dad!

Where would you like to be in 5 years’ time?

I would stay at the same place because I don’t like changes.

 Favourite travel destination

My vote goes to Tokyo, Japan’s capital city, for a number of reasons. First of all, Tokyo is a clean and safe city, so I don’t have to worry about safety and hygiene. Secondly, Tokyo mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from beautiful skyscrapers and super cool bullet trains to old temples and historical buildings. It gives me a variety of options when I plan my trip. I can either stay in the city suburbs for shopping, theme parks and sports events, or sneak into Tokyo’s surroundings for cultural and nature adventures. Moreover, I really admire the Japanese culture. I am always amazed by the politeness and good manner of Japanese people and their dedication for perfection and precision. All in all, my trips to Tokyo have been great and enjoyable and I cannot wait to go there again.

 Favourite film – why

The Dark Knight (2008) directed by Chris Nolan

 The Dark Knight is the best film I have ever seen. It is the first and most grounded superhero movie that is so close to real life. It really transcends the genre. I very much enjoy the rivalry between Batman and Joker. Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker was legendary. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer was also astounding. I have rewatched this film more than 10 times and I still love it!

Favourite meal

I love chicken burgers! I just can’t live without them!! Whether they were flame-grilled, southern fried, baked, pan-fried, cajun, Greek, Portuguese, Korean, Mexican or American on the menu, I could not resist the temptation. I actually want to eat a burger right now..

If you were an animal – what would you be – why?

If I am an animal, I want to be a capybara (a giant guinea pig) in the Japanese zoo. They look super adorable and peaceful. They are semi-aquatic and in Japan they are allowed to bathe in the hot springs forever. It is too good to be true!

Bucket list top 3

Go to Los Angeles and see a Lakers game

See the aurora

Visit NASA