Faraz Majlessi

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honors)

 What attracted you to Physiotherapy?

Weight lifting and bodybuilding – preventing injuries from occurring rather than waiting for them to occur then managing them. Prevention is always more valuable than management and needs to get the attention it deserves

 What really fires you up during a day at work?

Guiding an individual to achieve a goal when initially they thought to be unachievable 

 Who is your ideal client? 

An ideal client is one who is ready and willing to make the appropriate changes needed for them to improve. This requires committing to a short and long-term plan, working with your body and not against, and designating the required time needed to achieve the desired outcome. 

 If you were not practicing Physiotherapy – what would you be doing?

General Practitioner – The first point of contact for people needing help and has the biggest impact on outcome

 What human qualities inspire you?

Determination, courage, persistence and humbleness

 Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

Improving global health and partaking in advancing physical therapy education.

 Favourite travel destination

Iran & Brazil

Favourite film – why

The Longest Yard – I use to like Nelly as an artist when I was a kid

Favourite meal

Baghali Polo – Iranian dish – Basmati Rice with fava beans, saffron, herbs and lambshank

 If you were an animal – what would you be – why?

Lion – King of the jungle

 Bucket list top 3

Dog Sledding in Norway

Do a hand-stand

Travel to Northern Territory