Corey Iskenderian

Principal Physiotherapist – Qualifications 

What Attracted you to physiotherapy?

I was an Anatomy teacher when I first showed interest in physiotherapy. I was aiming to be a trauma surgeon but surgery felt like a barrier in getting to connect with people. Physiotherapy has given me the gateway to get to know people through their bodies. And see them shine through their physical struggles. I was always interested in medical sciences and anatomy, also being a keen athlete, I wanted to offer people a discipline to allow them to reach their full potential and physiotherapy sounded like it would be a good fit.

What really fires you up during a day at work?

I am an investigator, a problem solver, an inquisitive mind and a caring heart trying to make sense of a person’s experience. I get fired up when as a team, my client and I finally figure out the why behind their long struggles, the discovery of potential in the perceived impossible and how best to foster it to start achieving goals and change reality. When clarity and insight meet, faces light up and lives start to change, that makes me want to help more.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client has seen many practitioners, has tried multiple modalities, has researched all the way down the barrel to come up with a solution to their health problem or pain, yet despite all their valiant efforts, they still remain uncomfortable. I enjoy conversing with their intuition, through their bodies and their hearts, the science is all done, its all been discussed, my examination has ruled out the worst, now its time to explore the never ending potential and possibilities that can make the person tick and come alive.

I enjoy working with all walks of life, because all have a spirit kicking inside wanting to evolve.

I have been blessed to see marvellous changes in health, the melting of sciatica, frozen shoulders, the crossing of finish lines in marathoners who have suffered from persistent injuries even and the gift of child bearing from many years of failure to conceive. Wishes have come true and I happen to be witnessing them in my rooms.

If you were not practicing Physio – what would you be doing?

I can’t imagine me not helping people, so perhaps a psychologist. I love writing so maybe an author or poet as a side hustle.

My inner child would wish I played soccer professionally or manage a soccer team- maybe in my next lifetime

Who is your role model?

My father, he is a kind and patient man, wisdom running though his blood, I have learned care and diligence, persistence and resilience from my old man, just from him being around when I was young and now over a nice scotch on the rocks, we discuss world issues, family and how to be a loving man  

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

As a clinician and a father, I love teaching from the most basic elements of life to the most complex elements of being human. So, my teaching bug has now recently bit me in the bum and has inspired me to teach and travel , so I strive to evolve into this role. 

Favourite Travel Destination?

Bali so far, there is a spirit in Bali that I love conversing with.

Favourite Film?

The Joker Movie (2019) – the in genial performance of a soul in sufferance and the emergence of madness from the lack of connection- everyone deserves to be loved

Favourite Meal?

Mediterenean Mezzea variety of foods and dips to graze on, with a bunch of friends and loved ones, allowing conversations to take place and appreciate each other’s presence.

If you were an animal, what would you be? 

A dog- I love people, love having fun and having a run. Dogs are rarely sad, and they have a way to connect with anyone, anywhere.

Bucket List – Top 3

  • Ted Talk
  • Own a Lake House to escape to
  • Be a published author of my book of thoughts