Do you suffer from ongoing persistent pain? Does your pain affect your emotions?

Are you sick and tired of going from one therapist or treatment style to another without feeling any long term relief from your ongoing persistent pain?

Let us help you to find the understanding and support you need to deal with your very real pain and it’s inevitable emotional side effects.

Have you been suffering from unresolved chronic pain for longer than you would like?

Maybe these are true for you…

  • You feel ready to find someone who understands what you are going through right now.
  • Maybe your pain is causing you to feel low and even depressed.
  • Perhaps you’ve been told that you should not expect any more improvement and should ‘just accept’ this as your lot in life.
  • Or the people closest to you just do not understand what your day to day struggle feels like.
  • You’ve been battling for a long time and this is taking a toll on your life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…..

We are a group of dedicated practitioners who have created a treatment model that combines touch and talk therapy helping our clients overcome the constant burden of pain to find a new way of living a life of freedom from pain and unresolved emotion.

We will listen to you and believe you when you talk about your battle.

We will not treat you as a number or ignore emotions and how they are affecting your life.

We understand that even though you’ve tried many different treatment methods and philosophies, you are still struggling every single day to get back to how you used to feel.

What if you could easily access this group of practitioners who can support you through your pain and emotional rollercoaster?

To assist us with the development and research of this treatment model we are inviting a select few chronic pain sufferers to join us on a trial program, at a fraction of what this type of program will eventually cost.

Ready to feel alive again? Let us show you how…

Join us for a trial for the treatment of chronic pain and help us to bring this groundbreaking method of looking after chronic pain sufferers to the larger community.

After this 12 week program, we promise that you will emerge with tools and support that will help you to finally live the life you wish for yourself.

Our model is different because the practitioners work in the same interdisciplinary team, implementing our unique treatment methods, under the same roof.  All therapists are on the same page with only one goal in mind ……. YOUR wellbeing and results for a brighter easier life.

Here’s your steps to a pain free life:


Expert and Intuitive Physiotherapy with a practitioner who is trauma and chronic pain informed – 1 session per week to start – these Physio sessions may reduce in frequency as the program progresses, depending on each individual person. Our main objective is to offer each chronic pain sufferer long term relief from their pain


A skilled and empathetic Psychotherapist will work with you in weekly sessions either face to face or online. You will be supported through the ups and downs that chronic pain creates. Your Psychotherpaist to help you to reconnect with yourself and ultimately with your other personal relationships

Learning additional life skills BIOHACKING

Once you are ready you will be introduced to the lifestyle and strength component of the program. We will introduce you to some specific movement and mindfulness practices, plus you will find out the important role that deep nutrition and supplementation play in your pain and emotional journey 


After the intial trial this 12 week program will cost $3900

We are offering the trial to 10 people for:

$1350 – join today and save!

*Payment options below


$1250 Upfront Payment

Pay upfront and save a further $100


$450 over 3 payments

Pay at the beginning of each 4 week cycle


$115 over 12 weekly payments

A bit extra to cover admin

No payment required at this stage – we are taking expressions of interest at first. We will be in touch to discuss your program shortly  

 10 Spots available for the trial – ONLY 7 remaining


What you can expect when you join the trial:

  • The team is expertly lead by your trusted and skilled Physiotherapist, who will be overseeing your treatment and progress from day one.
  • Working closely with you through each step of the program.
  • Your physiotherapist will recommend the best treatment plan for you to allow you to reclaim the life you want to live.
  • Your Physiotherapist will refer you to a suitable Psychotherapist on out team.
  • Working with a Psychotherapist will help you to understand your body whilst you learn new coping methods and life tools.
  • Psychotherapy can be held either face to face in the clinic or via Zoom.
  • When you are ready to move into the lifestyle phase of our model you will be introduced to Biohacking which includes, strength and movement, deep nutritional choices and mindfulness coaching.
  • You will find every one of these support treatments and plans under one roof at the New Body Physiotherapy clinic in Willoughby.