Fitness and health has been a major topic of discussion in the recent years. Many people have started to take a positive approach towards it. They work out regularly, stay active, eat healthy, and take care of their health. Most do this because they want to look and feel good. Unfortunately, there’s also a trend amongst people to overwork their muscle, or focus on the same kind of exercises and forget about mobility and flexibility. That can be detrimental to your overall health in the long run.

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What is Mobility?

Have you seen dancers move? Have you seen how smoothly they transition from one step to another? Or perhaps you’ve seen people perform yoga and noticed their balance and smooth flow of movement – that’s mobility. It’s the ability to move without any stress or stiffness. While mobility is related to flexibility, they’re not the same concepts. They’re interdependent and usually work together to improve your agility.

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Mobility and Age

It’s not uncommon for young people in their teens and twenties to be cavalier about their exercise regimen. They’ll push their body to the limits and only focus on strength and resistance training to develop muscles. This is more common amongst men than women because women usually incorporate flexibility and mobility exercises into their routine.

The fact is; our bodies naturally lose some mobility and flexibility as we age. Our muscles become stiffer and our joints are less flexible and responsive. If you focus only on strength, resistance, and cardio exercises, you compound the problem. Eventually, your body will start losing suppleness and your movements will be stiff and uncomfortable. If you want to combat this problem and keep your body youthful, you need to incorporate mobility training into your regime.

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The Benefits

There are several benefits of mobility training. You won’t compromise the results of your regular workout routine in any way. In fact, you’ll see a marked improvement in the results if you incorporate things like yoga, Pilates, stretches, or even dancing into your routine.

  • Mobility exercises tend to have a calming feeling and will help you release stress.
  • They improve your range of motion and will prevent the stiffness that comes with muscle build-up and strength training.
  • They can be a low-intensity exercise that will give your body a break and help it heal from high-intensity training.
  • They will add variety and change to your regular workout routine and help keep you motivated.
  • Mobility training will also help keep signs of age at bay. Your body would be supple and flexible for a longer period of time.
  • These exercises can actually be a warm up for your regular workout routine.
  • Mobility exercises can also keep problems like back ache, knee pain, and other such problems away.
  • It can help improve performance in other physical activities like games and sports.

It’s never too late to start mobility training. When you incorporate mobility exercises into your workout routine, you can maintain your body’s flexibility and ability to move smoothly. This training would help your body and keep it fit for a long time. Mobility exercises should be an essential part of your regular workout routine.

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