Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese art of healing. It has been around since the Bronze Age and several people have attested to its effectiveness. This ancient form of healing is highly evolved and precise. A skilled and experienced acupuncturist can treat a wide range of problems and disorders, including musculoskeletal disorders, with just a few acupuncture sessions.

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How Does Acupuncture Work?

The human body has a natural ability to heal. If you have a slight cut, you can expect it to heal without much assistance in a matter of days. Acupuncture capitalizes on this self-healing ability to address a variety of problems. During acupuncture, a solid, sterile needle is inserted into the flesh.

This needle causes a slight trauma to the point where it is inserted, and that immediately triggers the body’s self-healing mechanism. The healing mechanism eases any pain or discomfort you might feel in that region. As you can see, this treatment can be particularly useful for musculoskeletal disorders.

Thanks to the modern lifestyle, these disorders are quite common in the modern world. Many people suffer from back pain, neck stiffness and pain, RTI, etc. Acupuncture can help you overcome these problems. Here’s a list of common musculoskeletal disorders that can be treated by this ancient healing art.


Arthritis, or more specifically osteoarthritis, is a common musculoskeletal disorder amongst people of advanced age. It’s essentially the degeneration and inflammation of the articular cartilage near the weight bearing joints like knees and ankles and can occur in the wrists and fingers. Damage to the cartilage causes spurring, which leads to considerable pain and discomfort.

Acupuncture might not treat the spurring, but it can address the pain, inflammation, and muscular tension caused by arthritis. Patients often experience remarkable relief from pain after a few sessions of acupuncture.

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems today. Almost everyone has experienced some form of back pain in their lives. It can be because they sit at the desk all day or stand on high heels for long hours. Our back supports the entire body and a wide range of movement. Needless to say, it works hard and it’s not uncommon for muscles to be under stress. This stress causes the muscle to become tight and stiff, which doesn’t support movement well.

Acupuncture targets and stimulates natural healing in these tight and stiff muscles. After a few sessions, your back muscles will become flexible again and you would be able to keep back pain at bay.

Muscular Tension

This is another common ailment. It may be caused due to traumatic injury, lack of movement and exercise, muscle overuse, high stress, etc. Repeated stress injuries often fall into this category. In most cases, you’ll be prescribed a few pain pills and asked to exercise and stretch. Acupuncture can actually treat these problems more effectively. The needles will stimulate the muscles that are sore, stiff, and stressed and trigger the healing mechanism. That would bring new life and flexibility back to the muscles.

Most people are hesitant to try out this treatment because they fear the pain it could potentially cause. Acupuncture isn’t painful and you might feel the needle but it’s so thin and solid that you might not feel it at all.

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