Kinesiology, pronounced kinn-easy-ology, is derived from the word kinetic (moving energy). It very effectively identifies & corrects stresses (energy imbalances) in the body. Even as it does this, it also helps enhance and strengthen the person’s performance, natural healing ability and his/her quality of life. Ultimately, kinesiology helps people become far healthier & happier.

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A peek into the origins of kinesiology

Kinesiology originated way back in the 1960s; it finds its origins in the chiropractic field and over the decades, has embraced various eastern and western modalities including chiropractic, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, anatomy and physiology, homeopathy acupuncture etc. It also adopts a highly holistic approach to a person’s problem. In simple words, the problem isn’t dealt with in isolation; instead, kinesiology helps in balancing and healing various body systems including the:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Chemical
  • Spiritual
  • Subconscious

Regardless of whether an individual has a physical illness or injury or is riddled with emotional stress; has an allergy or maybe a learning difficulty, or wants to achieve a specific goal in their life; the strategies and techniques that are a part of kinesiology, help people achieve long-lasting improvements, in all these areas. What makes this technique even more effective and conducive for anyone, is that it complements various other natural & medical treatments.

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Kinesiology – The tangible benefits

Just about anyone can benefit from Kinesiology – ranging from a new born to seniors. It can be used to bring about a significant improvement in performance, sports, education, business and health. Apart from that, it’s an excellent way to improve a person’s overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Since it helps balance all the functions in the body, it gives the body the capacity to heal itself.

The modern lifestyle we lead leaves us with very little scope to focus on our mental and physical wellbeing. Over time, these things get compounded and lead to stress, anxiety and depression. In turn these stresses can manifest themselves as niggling aches and pains, tension headaches, back pain, eating disorders, insomnia etc.

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Kinesiology – How it works

In kinesiology, gentle, muscle ‘monitoring’ or ‘testing’ is used to identify what the underlying cause of the individual’s life/health problem is. The best therapy techniques are then used to correct that imbalance. Since it’s a holistic therapy, it is an extremely effective way to help a person overcome emotional and sub-conscious blocks which become hurdles in the path of overcoming their problems, improving their health and achieving various personal goals.

It helps address the stress factor that was the root cause of the problem, and provides strategies that give the person the support he/she needs, to achieve tangible improvement in their condition. The person learns various stress management techniques, nutritional support and goal achievement methods. Kinesiology tackles various issues all at once, but in a very subtle manner. This helps brings about a sea change in the way in which the person perceives things around him.

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Bringing about a change within yourself

The focus is on empowering the person to help himself/herself bring about the change that will help reduce stresses from their lives. At times, it about changing an individual’s view about different burdens they carry.

What makes this therapy impressive is that the healing that comes from it is very subtle, but its effect is profound. After a kinesiology session, most people feel extremely confident, happy and calm. They feel like the burdens they carry (emotional and mental), have been lifted off their mind and they feel the stresses just melting away.

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Corey Iskenderian