The human body is quite a complex set-up and is made up of joints, tendons and muscles. And there are times when our muscles and joints do develop symptoms of pain. In some cases, this pain may be caused by injury and strain, while at others it’s caused by stress and improper use. A trigger point is essentially therapy that has been especially designed to address the root cause of the pain, using alternating cycles of targeted pressure & release.

When the recipient is getting this type of therapy done, he/she actively participates by incorporating deep breathing techniques; the person also helps identify the location & intensity of the pain. Trigger point therapy helps release any constricted zones in the muscles, which helps alleviate the pain. Even those who suffer from chronic aches and pains can benefit from trigger point massage therapy.

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Addressing the root cause of the problem

Every person has trigger points; however, whether they have been activated/not is dependent on whether that area has been subjected to overuse, stress, trauma or injury. When these points are activated, they can result in irritation, widespread pain, tension as well as lack of motion.

As part of the trigger point therapy, when moderate to deep pressure is applied to these spots, it creates a dulled ache to other parts of the body (referral pain). Via this referral pain, the therapists are able to ascertain that they are on the trigger point; this helps them effectively address that area and the concern.

When you are in a trigger point therapy session and the therapist applies pressure, you might feel a certain amount of tenderness in that spot. However, once the pressure has been applied and that trigger point vanishes, it turns into a therapeutic experience.

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Trigger point therapy – the benefits

Let’s take a quick look at what the benefits of this trigger point therapy are:

  • Helps in relieving tension
  • Eliminates pain
  • Allows for better range of motion
  • Beneficial for people of different ages
  • Works wonders in different conditions
  • Increases circulation
  • Provides quick & lasting results

Trigger point therapy can be beneficial to sportspersons, as well as people that live everyday lives. In fact, tension and stress can build-up in your muscles even from things like overdoing a daily workout, or sitting at a desk for extended hours or driving your car for long periods of time etc.

Repetitive movements can irritate tissues in the body; over time, these lead to the formation of trigger points. When tissues stay in a contracted state for a very long timeframe, they harden and form tight nodules. When your therapist performs trigger point therapy, it releases the tension in those nodules and you will be able to feel instant relief.

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Who can benefit?

The effects of trigger point therapy are cumulative in nature and they provide long-lasting results. Trigger point therapy works well for a number of conditions including:

  • Sciatica pain that affects the lower back, legs, feet and glutes
  • Shin splints
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Migraines
  • Chronic pain in stiff neck and back
  • Computer shoulder
  • Immobility and or/ rotator cuff injuries

In some cases, all it takes is one trigger point therapy session to notice the results, while at others, it can take a little longer. This therapy goes to the root of the problem and fixes it with the trigger point.

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The specialised treatment

At some massage therapy centres, the therapists also combine deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques into the trigger point therapy session. A skilled therapist knows intuitively exactly where the trigger points are, without their client actually having to tell them where the soreness lies. When done by an experienced therapist, trigger point therapy helps relieve pain and improves the quality of a person’s life.

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