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We understand that chronic pain is real

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At New Body Physiotherapy, you are at the centre of everything we do

With sheer determination and dedication, we work with you to bring light to your hopes of a pain-free life.

With the combination of physical and emotional therapies, our team of highly experienced practitioners will provide you with tailored treatments and solutions to pain management and get you on the road to recovery. So you can live the pain-free life you dream of living.

We understand that chronic pain is real. Together with your loved ones, we will be here to support and guide you through every stage of your recovery.

We take charge and mentor you through your recovery

We listen carefully to you and meet your expectations

We understand the emotional and physical impact living with persistent pain can have on your life

We love what we do

Our Approach to Treating Persistent Pain:

Assessment of your pain

Where is your pain located? The place in your body where your pain started from.

We will run a thorough assessment of the actual site of pain or injury and look at the movement and function of the joints

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Building stronger humans

Our practitioners look beyond the source of the injury or discomfort to discover the human behind the pain. Our team understand how lonely constant pain can feel, and work with you to develop new pain management strategies

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Living your best life

How is the pain affecting your relationships, your work and your everyday lifestyle. Has pain changed you as a person – we work with you to create a new way of being and living post pain.


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Connect with likeminded people

Finding a place that truly understands you and your pain is the first step in finding relief. Therefore, we believe in sharing our learnings and techniques with other like-minded practitioners. Hoping that as the knowledge spreads, so will the benefits for all those suffering from chronic pain.

 If you would like to join our community and always be informed and up to date with our latest findings - we invite you to join our group of other chronic pain sufferers 

If you are a practitioner interested in our ground-breaking work and want to collaborate, we’d love to hear from you.