Stress & Anxiety Management

There is a new way to hack into your state of mind: Posture

  You may start reading this with your shoulders back and down, neck centred, spine upright and your pelvis erect, you may be seated or standing, staring at your screen hopefully with your jaw relaxed. Why do I know? You read the word posture from the get go, and your mother’s sweet voice whispered in…

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Chinese New Year – What it means for our Health

Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Welcome to the Year of the Rooster.  Chinese New Year represents a new cycle, a beginning and regeneration of life within our living environment and ourselves. It reminds us to self-reflect, prepare and implement so that we can be ready physically, mentally and psychologically for the New…

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Breathing Exercises to Help You Cope With Stress

We live in a very competitive and demanding world. Most people are juggling their professional commitments and family responsibilities on a daily basis. They rarely get time to breathe and relax for a while. People underestimate just how harmful this build-up of stress can be. They are content to ignore it until they’re on the…

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