We are programmed to Survive

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Life offers you many beautiful opportunities that dangle in front of your nose, let me name a few that I have been blessed with and had the pleasure to have experienced through the course of my being and still do by the way; love, happiness, success, transformation, family, friendships, camaraderie, pride and culture. Now by all means, I have like most of us occasionally been dealt a few cards from a bad deck. We suffered, doubted, lost hope and made friends with failure.

Allow me to say that failure has been one my best friends, it taught me a lot about faith, perseverance, ache and most importantly introduced me to the human spirit. It allowed me to dig deep into the crevices of my being to pull out my deepest intention. Once within the grasp of your soul, intention is the strength of the human self. What is the intention that is universal across the human species you may ask; SURVIVAL.

Failure will never get the best of the human spirit, it will pull the best out of it. Human Intention is your shield, your umbrella and the roof above your head. If you feel you have failed with pain, listen to it carefully for a moment. The fact is you are alive, breathing, thinking, so the opportunity to experience your fulfillments will be crystal clear once you focus on achieving them.

Pain is an opportunity, an experience which reminds you of your nervous system, the good news it’s working, it’s working to protect you from causing more harm be it physically or emotionally. Listen to it, respect it and most importantly commit to conquer it, wake your intention up to allow you to dissociate from the negativity it transcends on your physical and mental system. When your internal chatter suddenly mutes, pain will follow suit, introspective silence will scream the answers you are looking for.

We are programmed to survive, to grow and prosper. When it comes to human physiology, our organism is designed to restore our health and wellness. The body and mind have innate templates to regain organic equilibrium. This ability should not be taken for granted, we as sufferers must seek professional help to foster conditions that nurture this unique ability.

In order to manage pain successfully, we must digress from thinking strictly in biological terms.

Best Regards,
Corey Iskenderian