We understand the process of Disease and Dysfunction

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We understand the process of disease and dysfunction more than the process of recovery!

Have you noticed how when you are in disease you seek a diagnosis. Since a diagnosis is the precursor to treatment, you seek to be labeled or categorised medically with the hopes of moving forward towards progress.

Now that you have been told you have a bulging disc, degenerative joint disease, a torn meniscus, a rotator cuff tear etc… How does it make you feel? Broken? No point of return? Set yourself up for surgery, aim for the quick fix.

I write not to make you lose hope but to inject awareness from a different perspective, a perspective that can facilitate healing first from within, to awaken the explanation of your discomfort within you, to what you already know. Diseases are there to be diagnosed, constructed to match a certain criteria, some require medicine to save a life, to re- establish breath, to regain function and abolish threat, basically to cure. But healing is more than that it’s the totality of self, not the return to one’s former condition. what I see in practice, I don’t cure, I catalyse the inner wisdom to regain organic equilibrium. Conditions I see still linger despite educated efforts. Where do you have to look for help, who do you turn to for the quick fix that was not offered to you? Within you, the place where answers live, where true self breathes, the home of possibility despite the odds.

Healing depends on a plethora of factors, first and foremost it requires care and acceptance. Judgement is detrimental to this process. Stay open and receptive in the most challenging of situations. Don’t attempt to take the healing in your own hands, seek a connection, double the energy, the one within you and a therapist’s strong intention to help you return to wholeness.

Sometimes healing does not require reason and logic it needs you to interact with your inner wisdom. Develop an attitude that will reflect healing, this will guide your behaviour to do so. And finally, realise that healing is an innate system designed to restore our health and wellbeing to function optimally in life. You must foster a lifestyle that brings about this change.

Best Regards,
Corey Iskenderian